American Hate

by American Hate

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released December 15, 2013



all rights reserved


American Hate Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

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Track Name: Masculinity Problem
I don't think I've got a problem. I don't think I know myself. So much life shoved down my throat. I can't take a fucking joke. Full of gender regret. Bullshit privilege. White male guilt. Create my own fear. You say I've got a problem. A masculinity problem. You say I've got a problem, then a problem's got a problem. I can't stand up to myself. So I'll put you down. It makes perfect sense. I'm a fucking coward.
Track Name: Prison Fantasy
The four walls that surround me are the perfect fit for my needs. Windows painted shut, I find it hard to breathe. In open space I'm out of place, skin dangling from my claws. So I'll bite my bleeding lip, who will catch me if I slip? I don't want to sleep unless I'm dead, this nightmare always in my head. Another panic attack I've got to cover up. Can't let them get inside, can't get out. Get out of this. This prison is my mind. This prison is my life.
Track Name: Die Fighting
First come whispers. Soon they're talking. Then they're shouting. I'll be here. First they gather. Then they rally. Soon they'll hunt me. I won't run scared. I heard the whispers. I seen them talking. Now they are shouting. I am still here. I know they've gathered. I've seen them rally. Now they hunt me. I won't run scared.
Track Name: Born to Lose
Hate yr parents. Quit yr job. Fuck yr life. Why even try? Don't you want to be just like me. Fucked up for eternity. Aren't I fucking proud? Look at me. Living fast takes longer than you'd think.